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The TFD Pte Ltd systematic approach to each and every project and its components has an embedded planning process, which is seamlessly executed.

Offering you our forte in the following:

TFD Pte Ltd provides you with a total package
for all your communication and event needs.


STEP 1: Event Requirements
In this initial interactive phase, event requirements and objectives are identified and refined.

STEP 2: Concept and Design
During this phase, the emphasis is placed on the concept and design process to establish software, hardware and “show ware” for a successful event. Appropriate reviews are calibrated against meeting objectives in order to keep the design phase on target.

STEP 3: Production
The consolidation and confirmation of all “show ware” takes place. For instance, the venue is booked, technical support, logistics and decoration arranged for, manpower confirmed, the programme is planned and finalized.

STEP 4: Executive
The event director, event team and crew are on-site to bring all elements together for a successful event.  Load-in, set-up, rehearsals, and adjustments are made to meet your requirements.  It is here that our experience and attention to detail come together to deliver a smoothly orchestrated event.

STEP 4: Post Event Analysis
At this critical phase (upon request), the audience is asked for their feedback against the stated strategic objectives of the event. The evaluation is then collated for management’s use. This information is invaluable to the client for gauging the impact of the event’s objectives while learning about future marketing opportunities.

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